Celebrate Christmas In Singapore (CCIS) invites you to A Musical Celebration, 

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS-THE GIFT on Sunday 19th Dec 2021 at 8pm. The one hour & forty minutes show is produced and directed by Emmy Award recipient Norhaya (Nora) Fong, bringing together friends from across the globe as they share their Gift of Christmas with everyone. Talents from Canada, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, USA and Uganda will be performing." 


Come join us for our Christmas Concert on 19th Dec 2021,
hosted by Anthony and Liz Morse. 8pm on CCIS YouTube.

CCIS 2022 Theme Song

​CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS IN SINGAPORE (CCIS) greets everyone a blessed Christmas.  We are so close to the end of the year and we bring the cheers and glad tidings as we usher in Christmas and a New Year which will soon follow.

The Covid-19 pandemic which plagued us most of last year (2020) is not yet over.  Many lives had been impacted by this event.  We may have known of some who had succumbed to the infection and passed on.  Others had lost their jobs and businesses.  There are those who suffered mental and emotion distresses.  But we are undeterred as we look to the ONE HOPE that every Christmas brings.


How do we continue the celebrations and bring the Good News to everyone?  CCIS will be bringing it through the digital platform.  From 10th December to 21st December, interactive activities will be both online and onsite.  If you’re HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, tune in to our Program to celebrate with everyone in different parts of the World for a Celebration which had never been attempted before.


For 2021, we will continue to share the blessings and the cheers through the Digital Platforms of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  The theme for the show is “HOME FOR CHRISTMAS: THE GIFT

The YouTube Christmas show will be premiered on 19th December 2021.  It will feature performers from Singapore and different parts of the world.  Each has a special message to share with us this Christmas.

The theme song for this year is “CHRISTMAS IS A PERSON TO ME”.  Won’t you be a Christmas to Somebody?  Be sure to join us as we share THE GIFT.

2020 Theme Song - English Version

2020 Theme Song - Chinese Version