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My Christmas Wish (MCW) is a CCIS Community Program that targets some of Singapore’s needy
children and blesses them with a Gift for Christmas. It began in 2011 when the then Chairman of CCIS saw a young girl who have never been given a gift in her life. She had to improvise a ‘doll’ with an empty water bottle. Realising so many children were disadvantaged, CCIS identified these children and granted them a gift of their choice valued at $50. Their requests were channelled to Christians who could match these requests.

In 2022 after the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, CCIS decided to resume this very meaningful
community project. The pandemic had resulted in many losing their jobs and their businesses.


This year, 208 children from financially disadvantaged homes will receive gifts which they could pick up from the CCIS event site along Orchard Road. As an extension of this program, the families which the children come from are also given a Food Pack to see them through the rest of this year.


We thank all sponsors for their generous support towards My Christmas Wish and the Food Pack

May they all have a Blessed Christmas.

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