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  • What is CCIS?
    CCIS stands for “Celebrate Christmas in Singapore”. It is an annual event organised by the Christian community in Singapore to celebrate the season of Christmas in the heart of Orchard Road by Touching Lives, Sharing the Moment and Blessing the Community.
  • When and where is CCIS held?
    Traditionally held at the Pedestrian Walkways of Orchard and other locations such as The Central @ Clarke Quay and The Cathay Cinema, CCIS 2020 will not be held at these locations due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Instead, the Performance Programmes and the Interactive Stations will be brought online and will be available to anyone who logs into the site. The interactive activities will be held via Zoom after registration. Dates - 10th to 21st December, while the Performances in English, Chinese, some local dialects and foreign languages will be streamed each evening at 8pm (Singapore time). More information will be posted nearer the dates.
  • Do I have to pay to see the performances or participate in the activities?
    All online performances are free-of-charge (FOC) to anyone who logs in. You can watch this from anywhere in the world so long as you coordinate your viewing times to the Singapore Local Time. After each performance, the same programme will be saved onto YouTube for delayed viewing if you missed the performances. There will be four different shows. For the Interactive Activities, a small registration fee is required to process the administration to host the Interactive Games. Do look out for the details and register early. Limited slots are available.
  • Who can participate in CCIS?
    CCIS welcomes any Christian organisation, group or individual to join us in celebrating the love of God in Christmas with the public community. The celebration of songs, dances, musical renditions, etc, centres around sharing the real meaning of Christmas. Community Partners from the social service sector are also welcome to contact us if they would like to feature their services at our Charity Booth during the celebration week. Community Partners ARE NOT REQUIRED to be Christian organizations. However, due to certain limitations and restrictions which we have to comply with, CCIS reserves the full right to accept or decline any application from individuals or groups.
  • Is CCIS a Christian religious activity?
    Even though Christmas is a Christian festival, CCIS is a celebration event coinciding with the festive efforts to usher in the holiday season with the “Christmas in the Tropics” Light Up of Orchard Road. It is not a church gathering nor a religious festival. Performances and Interactive Activities are intended to spread the joy and hope that is the true essence of Christmas, instead of the modern commercialized image, through multimedia forms of entertainment and interactive activities while sharing the Story of the First Christmas that took place two thousand years ago.
  • Is CCIS for Christians only?
    The celebrations are open to everyone, regardless of race, language, or religion. As for volunteers, while we appreciate having fellow Christians come forward to do their part for the community-at-large and blessing it, we do not require volunteers to be Christian themselves. We welcome anyone to volunteer with us so long as you share the same desire to bless the community with your participation and is comfortable to serve the public alongside volunteers who are Christians.
  • Is CCIS affiliated to any church or organisation?
    No, CCIS is a registered charity, independent of any Church or organisation. CCIS is inter-denominational and welcomes any Church, para-church organisation, Christian group, registered charities/VWOs, and individuals to join us in the outreach and community effort to share the joy and hope of Christmas to all.
  • Is CCIS a registered charity?
    Yes, CCIS is a registered charity under the Charities Act. Our Sector Administrator is MCCY and our UEN No. is 200412861G.
  • How does CCIS obtain funding?
    Each year, CCIS will hold a fundraising activity like a dinner or a performance gathering where well-wishers makes contributions to defray the cost of organising the activities to bless the community. Appeal letters are sent to churches, Christian Organisations and individuals as well. 2020 is an exceptional year as all public gatherings are disallowed.

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