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"Feeling God’s love and presence on my home!"

                                Carol Loi

"Whole family is watching now.

The production is soooo good".

"I really love the beautifully shot MTV song for Breakthrough Missions. Very touching stories featured in the MTV.
Amazing how u all partner with the international singers to put this program together haha… very global."
                                Winnie Yeo

"Super nice songs.

Very Christmassy. Love it.

Great job. I'll share with my friends."


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



                               Sallin Mok

"You can find this on Youtube
for your viewing pleasure at any time now. It’s play on demand.

I will watch it a second time."

                            Jeff Anderson


"I love this, as I said last year too. It is brilliant - and focused. Thank you so much. I will ask my team to promote. You are appreciated. Merry Christmas."

                             Dr Ted Baehr
                      CEO, Movieguide

"Hey Katharyn, watched it! Fantastic compilations and the local videos are so beautifully done!
Praise Jesus! 👍👍👍

Bravo to you,

Nora and the entire production crew!"

"Thanks for the sharing... Superb."

                                  Irene Lee

"Shared with my CG people."


                             Catherine Oh

"Thanks for sharing, Nora, bless you and CCIS for persisting in  focusing on the true Christmas message year after year ... even these 2 years when it’s such a challenge to film etc! Have a beautiful and meaningful Christmas ❤️"

"Was feeling homesick pangs and this beautiful song by anointed producer / director Norhaya A. Fong lifted my heart.


Thank you for using your gift to bless the rest of us my dear Norhaya. Bless the work of your hands and your loved ones. Also, my ex-student Kyrsta Joy is singing in it!"

                    Su An (Australia)

"Really love how your video showed the transformation of each man, 
showing the power of God 🙌"


                                 Carol Loi

"My friend from USA is going to hold a screening at their Missions meeting."

                                     N Fong


                                    Noni Lai

Praise the Lord for the making of this show.
May many hearts be touched by His love and redeeming grace.


Thanks for sharing.


                                 Siew Duan

"My family was glued to the TV watching & listening to this beautiful theme song. It's a lift giving song that touches the hearts of all who receive the spirit of 'Christmas Is a Person'. And we thank God for you Peixin and your team. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.
The pandemic is a wake up call for Christians to look out for people who are in need".

                          Rosemary Soh

"Excellent rendition celebrating life of Jesus at His birth 💞💖"

                      Khoo Oon Thiam

"Production world class!

                                 Bob Chan

"This has been a wonderful production with so many fantastic songs and performance from all over. Well done Nora!"


                             Catherina Oh

Peixin, I have been listening to the song over and over.


Also love your 'mee soto' song too, so refreshing and catchy."


                                     Ee Bin

"A lot of people are hurting. And those people are the ones whom you can hear the phrase "I can't feel the spirit of  Christmas".
This song made me teary eyed. Yes! we can be Christmas to a person who is hurting right now. For Christmas is about Christ's Love. Together, we can let them see Christ. Let us be HIS Heart of boundless Love this Christmas! 

A Blessed Christmas CCIS!"
                           Yvette Cruise👆

"Thank you for sharing, this is amazing and felt the love that went into this and what the brothers went through! Blessed Christmas and new year ahead for you and your family. Will share it forward! Have also first hand used breakthrough service a few times and see that God is with all the brothers! Their faith together r so thick. God blessed them too!"


"Another great production!
This really touches my heart

"Amazing job. Really anointed and glorifying to the Lord. The whole production was very good!"

                           Joyce Graves

"Very touching video and very well done. Enjoyed it!"
                                 Paul Seow

"So lovely thanks for that. Just watched it. It spoke to me Nora, thank you."                                                                            Yulin

"This is excellent 👍👍👏👏" 

      Jason Wong (Yellow Ribbon)

"Thank you Kelvin.  It’s a wonderful programme with a powerful message."

                                    Sin Guek

"I soooo enjoyed this musical performance from performers from around the world. And near the end, my friend, Victor, appears for a short time. I thoroughly enjoyed this program!"
         Maureen Hornstein (USA)

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