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Tel: +65 6744 7355

Email: secretariat@ccis.sg

CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS IN SINGAPORE (CCIS) is a registered charity and an Associate Member of the National Council of Churches, Singapore.

Celebrate Christmas in Singapore (CCIS) began in 2004 when a handful of Christians who wanted to bring the message of the peace, hope and joy of Christmas back into an otherwise heavily commercialized festive occasion came together.

Believing that many may have lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas, this annual event that became a hallmark at Orchard Road aims to rally the Christian community in Singapore to reach out and bless the community with the message of love.


Each year, we also have a community focus where we partner with charities and VWOs to raise awareness for a selected service in the social service sector.  This year in 2021, we are partnering with a Non-Profit Organisation, the SG Accident Help Centre.  The focus will be on the Migrant Workers in Singapore and also children in need.

Together with participants from both Singapore and other parts of the world, CCIS commemorates the Gift of Jesus Christ during the first Christmas, through a multimedia celebration of performances and interactive activities.