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A group of active volunteers in CCIS has started a group up initiative - Community Matters to promote community service among students. We work with different charities & non-profit groups to bring community projects to students & youths. The pandemic has increased the interest in community service, and we have decided to extend this blessing of community beyond Christmas season. In June, we had a Hearts to Hands campaign where we engaged 193 youths for virtual community service with migrant workers and children in need. 

This Christmas, we are working closely with children in need and migrant workers in Singapore. We’re working closely with SG Accident Help Centre, a non-profit organisation that renders aid to migrant workers. We have lined up a series of Christmas celebrations such as giving away of blessing kits and cultural programmes. 

We are raising funds for the migrant workers’ blessing kits and meals for the events. If you would like to find out more, please email us communitymatters@ccis.sg 

Donations can be made to CCIS. You can find out more on our page - Support CCIS: Donations. Please indicate purpose of giving - Community Matters