CCIS is blessed and honoured to have partners from both Singapore and overseas joining us in the celebrations and sharing their artistic gifts through inspiring performances during the CCIS online stream. Here are some of the wonderful performers you can look forward to who will be contributing their talents this Christmas!

Claire and the Crosby Family

Claire Crosby Family.jpg

Internet singing sensation, Claire Crosby is a very young performer famous for her unique singing personage, currently with millions who watched and loved her singing.  Father Dave, usually sings with her while mom Ashley accompanies on the piano.  Her YouTube channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers.  They are from USA

Arts Release Singapore

Arts Release Sg 2.png

A group of creative arts specialists who love Jesus and people of other cultures. They enjoy expressing God's love through various art forms. Some have professional arts training and others have picked up skills on the way. Some are full-time, others part-time. Apart from Singapore, they are also based in England, France, Germany and Spain.

Benny Prasad 

Benny Prasad (India).jpg

Benny Prasad is a gospel musician and instrumental guitarist from India. He designed the Bentar which is the world's first bongo guitar. He also holds the world record for being the fastest man ever to visit all 195 countries in the world. Prasad has travelled all around the world performing to audiences.  Here, Dr Benny has assembled a group of performers from all different parts of India for a combined performance to send blessings to the World.

Brandon & Cathie Clancy

Brendon & Cathie-Clancy (2).jpg

Husband & wife team from Australia. Celebrated Christian artistes who minister to the family, from children to seniors. They have their own OKTV television programme which produces children's shows and are aired all over the world.

Brazilian & Korean Continental Singer

Korean & Brazil Continentals.jpg

A unique blend of performance across two countries separated by more than 17,000 km is achieved by combining the harmony of voices from the Brazilian and the Korean Continental Singer, achieved only using the internet to connect them during this pandemic times.  Orchestrated and conducted by Brazilian Maestro Jose Vilar Goncalves.  Both Brazil Continentals and the Korean Continental Singers are regular features in the CCIS in the past.

De Lanerolle Brothers

De Lanerolle Brothers (Sri Lanka).jpg

The siblings Rohan and Ishan, popularly known as the De Lanerolle Brothers in Sri Lanka, will return with their powerful and soulful sounds.  Underscored by humility and gratitude towards God, their singing exudes an unparalleled depth.  Performing to sold-out concerts over the world, the brothers have contributed a performance this December on top of the iconic Colombo Lotus Tower, rendering harmonious numbers to usher in the spirit of Christmas into our hearts.

His Sounds Chorale

His Sounds.jpg

His Sounds Chorale is from the Philippines who has made many visits to Singapore to participate at CCIS. It started as a group of enthusiastic Christian University choir in the early 1970s, soon became a popular group in the mid-70s. Their success led to representing the Philippines in international choral competition which won them critical acclaim.

Maralee Dawn

Maralee Dawn.jpg

Well known Canadian ventriloquist Maralee Dawn is an award-winning children television puppeteer who hosts her own TV shows with children and ministers to women.  

One Name


One Name is a Christian worship band that originated as part of Celebration of Hope 2019 - Filipino Rally.  The band consists of several worship leaders and musicians from different churches in Singapore.  Individually, the core members remain committed to training musicians through workshops, composing songs and performing in church services, as well as worship recordings. One Name has supported various Christian causes, such as Celebrate Christmas in Singapore (CCIS) 2019 and 2020, participated in the Worship in Music & Creative Conference 2020 (Philippines) and has also performed with US worship evangelist, Alma Rivera in her Revival Tour 2019 (Singapore).  The band also regularly invites other musicians and collectively we become One Name.  

Patric Scott

Patrick Scott (2).jpg

Singer, musician, songwriter, actor and producer from Switzerland, Patric Scott is also trained in cello, piano, singing and acting.  His extremely expressive and characteristic voice, the passion, the spirit, with which he interprets his songs.  Patric Scott's incomparable sense of great voices is striking to the listeners.

Ruah Worship

Ruah Worship (Japan).jpg

Ruah Worship is a family of singers, song-writers and worshippers comprising three sisters and a brother.  They are singer-song writers and worshippers formed to encourage the churches and people in Japan and speakers of Japanese. They bring a fusion of styles and seek to explore different forms of music for worship.

Sheila Ann Smith

Sheila Ann Smith.jpg

Canadian singer songwriter and composer who has been to CCIS several times over the last few years. Sheila is herself a cancer survivor having received a bone marrow donor to get over her leukemia. She is supporting CCIS' Charity portal this year which is the Bone Marrow Donor Programme.

Watoto Children’s Choir

Watoto, Africa.jpg

These children are from Uganda and South Sudan.  They live in the Watoto village which is a safe place where orphaned and vulnerable children can truly experience the love of a family.

The Watoto Children’s Choir brings to us the message of God’s unfailing Love, even though they may have experienced the hardships in life.  Their singing brings joy and restore dreams.


WindWorkz Big Band (2).jpeg

WindWorkz is probably the only Christian Swing and Gospel Big Band, formed in 2007, with a mission to make music in support of charities and for good causes. Founded by members of the Wesley Methodist Church Wind Ensemble and old boys of the 12th Company Boys' Brigade.